30 Days of Prayer

30 Days of Prayer

“Then when you call upon me and come and pray to me, I will hear you.” -Jeremiah 29:12

What a wonderful blessing we have in the Word of God. Did you know that there are over 146 specific Scripture verses related to praying? This does not even take into account the number of prayers that are recorded for us to reference. Why is this important to us as Christians? As believers in Jesus Christ as Lord, we have a direct connection to God!

Very soon we will have an opportunity to come together as God’s church to pray for our members, church and community. I encourage you all to be a spirit of openness as God leads us into the fulfilling of His Great Commission. In your daily prayers, please keep the 30 Days of Prayer in your requests.

As we continue to seek out God’s will for our church, it is very important for us to be in tune to God’s leading. Pastor Mark Batterson stated in his book, The Grave Robber, “When we take matters into our own hands, we take God out of the equation. When we try to manipulate a situation, we miss out on the miracle.” We don’t want to miss out on God’s miracles by not seeking His will first.

30 Days of Prayer will be a focused stepping stone for us to continue in our Christian growth, and seek out the will of God for us as individuals and for the Church. It will be a time for us to seek and receive the miracles God has in mind for us and our community.

Steve Wilkerson

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